Printed packaging

KelderBOX has a printing press from Heidelberg six-color press and a size of 720 x 1020 mm. You can choose from various types of paint

  • Dispersion: matt, gloss or in combination
  • In-line UV coating
  • Gloss (UV, All over, Spot)
  • Acrylic gold or silver paint
  • MetalFX

You decide how and in what way your package is printed. KelderBOX carries it out for you, fast and high quality.

Want your transparent packaging a luxurious touch to? Let than gold or silver application, holographic foil also is possible in various colors. Or you can use the following techniques::

  • Silkscreen on plastic
  • UV Offset on plastic
  • Combination of plastic and cardboard packaging
  • Varnish
  • Special laminates
  • Ink